Casandra Downloads

Are you worried because the phone bill of your business is higher each month?

Discover what's really happening with the help of Casandra!

Casandra will receive from your PBX basic data each time someone makes or receives a call. Then the software completes the picture with exact cost and a meaninful description of called or caller party, and finally records all the information in its Database.

Later, you can request detailed or summary reports of phone activity. You can even get Microsoft Excel graphics!

Some Features:

  • It works with any make and model of PBX system that can output basic information about phone calls.
  • All the reports, and even the graphics are generated as Microsoft Excel documents.
  • Very easy, intuitive user interfase.
  • Customizable for Hotel applications (profit schemes, ticket printing, interface with Hotel-managment software, etc.)
  • Casandra has local sales and support representatives at Costa Rica (Ticosoftware), Ecuador (Geotronics) and Honduras (Telectro-Honduras).
  • To read more about Casandra, you can accesss the Product Brochure here or the Hotel's Product Brochure.
  • If you already use Casandra and you're looking for updates, visit the downloads section.

NEXUS Downloads

Do you need to comunicate with your customers in a modern, fast, efective and low-cost way?

NEXUS and SMS messaging (Text messaging to movil phones) is the answer!

NEXUS is the application suite witch enables you to generate manual or automatic Text Messages to keep informated your customers of current promotions, collecting efforts or any other kind of information that may be time-sensitive.

NEXUS can access relational Data Bases in order to automate the composition of customer-tailored text messages. Also, NEXUS can be integrated to already existing applications using one of the available system interfases.

Some Features:

  • Low Cost: SMS messaging is several times cheaper that phone calls.
  • Oportunity: Your customers can read the sent information inmediatly no matter where they are. They do not need to get to a Internet-enabled computer to get the message.
  • Convenience: If the customer cannot read the message inmediatly, She/He can read it later, when it is more convenient to her/him.
  • The software is compatible with any Relational Data Base witch and be accesed using ADO (Oracle, Microsoft SQL-Server, SysBase, etc.)
  • You can use movil phones as transsimision devices (Cheaper option) or you can use celular modems (Most professional option).
  • To read more about Nexus, you can accesss the Product Brochure here.